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For further information, don't hesitate to send us an email to info@wannasport.ch

WANNASPORT is the only multisided-platform that will allow people to easily choose and book sports lessons, access last minutes offers, invite friends or find buddies, for group tailored lessons and benefit from cheaper prices.

Sports schools using WANNASPORT™ multisided-platform will benefit from online visibility, will have more students and collect customers’ feedback for improvement.

The roadmap summary is to first launch a pilot, in Vaud, to validate the concept, then, to expand to Switzerland and further to the whole Alps.

The company will be called “WANNASPORT” and it will be created as a SA, in Switzerland. It will be either registered in Vaud or in Fribourg cantons.

At the creation, the management team will consist of the four founders, Inês, Fadi, Marco and Gregory. You will find information about company ownership, voting rights and funding, in the Financial Plan (Section 8).

At the beginning, the management team will make up the entire staff for the company and even not full time for all members.

During the initial start-up period for the company, the owners will not receive salaries or benefits.


Our vision is to enhance life experience, making people feel awesome while practicing sports


Bring the best tools for sport passionate to easily book sport lessons for their improvement or them communities needs in order to save time and money to focus on excellence 


Management Team

The management team consists of the four founders of the company:

Inês Lopes, CEO and Head of Marketing

The CEO is responsible for overseeing the overall operation of the company. The CEO ensures that the company’s vision is pursued, that goals are set and followed and the company’s strategy is followed. The President reviews the Business Plan periodically to confirm that the plan is current, still applies to the company’s needs, and that the company is following the plan.

As Head of Marketing, she will be responsible for the marketing of the company and its products.


Ines brings extensive marketing and product launch experience within Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Industry either in Global, EMEA region and affiliate.  She is currently Companion Diagnostic Launch lead at Roche Diagnostics and spent the last two years as Sr. International Product Manager, at the Global Launch Team for thecobas® 6800/8800 Systems, where she lead the Global Sales & Marketing Launch Training. The previous five years she worked at Baxter Healthcare, SA as a Marketing Manager spanning several product categories, including Oncology and Anesthesia, and leading the launch of a new medical product.  Prior to Baxter she held marketing and sales manager roles within dermatology, and started her career as a pharmacist.

She is a Kitesurfer, Skier and a beginner in Snowboard.

Fadi Al Mutaahed, Head of Technology

The Head of technology is responsible for developing and maintaining the platform and the mobile App. It will be also responsible for the upgrade and improvement of the products, the technical support to customers, etc. He will be the owner of the social media platforms.


Fadi is currently Network Operation Engineer, at European Broadcasting Union. Previously and also in parallel to his current job, Fadi has created several web sites. He is Engineer in Telecommunication.

Marco Salvagni, Head of Business Development (Sales)

The Head of Business Development is responsible to implement the tactic defined by the Head of Marketing. His role is also to provide the feedback from customer to continuously improve the company products and services.


Chemical engineer with over 14 years ‘experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. Focused and interested widely into R&D, strategy-innovation and production. As Head of Bioprocess Manager and project leader in OM PHARMA and Viforpharma, he developed and launched new bacterial vaccines for European and US market.

Gregory Huber, Head of Accounting and Finance

The Head of Accounting and Finance is responsible for maintaining all financial records, ensuring that the company complies with all tax laws and provides financial reports to management. The final accounting work, for tax purpose, will be outsource, but still under Gregory responsibility.


In his last position, Gregory has been Director of Technical Services, at Alexion Pharma International. He has been responsible for the technical and scientific support of external manufacturing. It also includes budget management and investments management in his area. Gregory is a Chemist, by Training. He is advanced in Ski and Snowboard.